summer specials

Our best value for memberships!

Sign up for all 3 months of summer in advance to get our best deals on memberships available. These memberships are good June 11-August 31.

Unlimited Summer Package (All classes & Open Gyms) - $400

Starter Package Summer Special (1 class/wk) - $225

Combo Membership Summer Special (2 classes/wk) - $325

Unlimited Open Gym Summer Special - $120

Combo Membership

The best membership for any student would wants to see lots of progress in their training. Combo memberships gets the student both parkour and free running classes. Also includes all age appropriate open gym sessions. 

Silver Combo (2 parkour & 2 freerunning classes/wk) - $150/mo

Gold Combo (3 parkour & 3 freerunning classes/wk) - $180/mo

Starter Package

The perfect package for getting into our classes. These also include half off open gym drop in prices. Parkour and Freerunning starter packages get you one class per week, Combo starter package gets two classes per week (one of each).


Parkour Starter Package (1 class/wk) - $90/mo

Freerunning Starter Package (1 class/wk) - $90/mo

Combo Starter Package (1 parkour & 1 freerunning class/wk) - $115/mo

Parkour Membership

Scheduled parkour classes each week. Silver and Gold memberships include all age appropriate open gym times.

Silver Parkour (2 classes/wk) - $125/mo

Gold Parkour (3 classes/wk) - $160/mo

Freerunning Membership

Scheduled freerunning classes each week. Silver and Gold memberships include all age appropriate  open gyms times.

Silver Freerunning (2 classes/wk) - $125/mo

Gold Freerunning (3 classes/wk) - $160/mo

Open Gym Pass

Good for all age-appropriate open gym sessions. Note: Customers wanting to purchase University Discount Pass must bring current Student ID to the front desk.