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Summer of Send


Coach Shane & Unparalleled are starting the summer off with a Bang! Mentos Rockets and exploding paint will fill the time between doing Parkour and playing Missoula's hottest new games, Run The Jewels and Human Quidditch.  The Jewels is a radically fast-paced game of capture the flag involving 4 teams and the game ending when one team acquires all 4 flags.  Players wear flag belts as they zip and weave through No-Mans-Land, ripping off opponents belts and sending them to Tuck Jump jail on their quest for the flags. Human Quidditch is a sport which combines elements of Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, and Capture the flag in one cohesive game.

You can see these activities and a lot more at hottest events of the summer! 


June 17-21

Summertime Party Starter Camp

When we're geekin', we'll play some hardcore quidditch.  When we're raddy, we'll play "Run the Jewels". Exploding Paint Art, Making Quarters "Train Track Flat", and Diet Coke Mentos Rockets should keep us busy when we aren't Rippin it uppp in the Parkour Gym!

July 22-26

The Mid-Summer Rager Camp

It don't matter what you are doing. The Only thing that matters is HOW you are doing it.  Join the Professor of Fun for a midsummer experience that'll get all the summer activities done RIGHT! (the raddest and the funnest, obv).

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