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Are you looking for a new activity over the winter  or a fun way to stay active? There's no better time to get moving!

While you may think of parkour as huge roof gaps and double flips, parkour is accessible to people of all ages and all physical abilities. Through progression based training, parkour is easy to jump into for everyone.

This is our cheapest monthly membership we have ever offered and is only available to University students. While open gym is unstructured, there are always coaches & professional parkour athletes on site to help out with any questions or help with any movements you are working on. We continuously update the gym structures to improve the facility, with a trampoline and surrounding structures going in during February. We also have a weight setup to get some lifting done as well.

Our only requirement is that the student shows their student ID upon first visit to the gym.

If you have any questions, please call us at (406) 530-9054 or drop us and email at Feel free to come by the gym to check it out!


Open Gym Times




8:30-10:00pm (16+)









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Parkour is for anyone, at any level. Come see what we have to offer.