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We offer a wide variety of classes for all ages and skill levels. Complete newcomer to parkour, young or old, we have classes for you. 


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We are Montana's first parkour gym, and largest movement community.


Est. 2011,

Unparalleled Movement was created to provide a place in Missoula to learn parkour and freerunning in a safe, positive environment.


We are home to a supportive community of all ages and types of people who have all come together for the love of movement. This mover community helps one another become stronger and progress in their individual journey. Movement is for everyone - not just for the naturally talented and "in shape."


Fitness isn't just barbells and treadmills. Our alternative take on fitness is to view your body as a vehicle for play-time. Rather than suffer through a workout routine, we see people smiling as they jump, climb, vault, balance, and flip.


We support and encourage living a healthy lifestyle in order to live and play for the long run - movement for longevity and fun. Movement for creativity. Movement for the sake of movement.


Come see what we are all about.