We are very excited to announce our workshop series for Fool's Jam 2018!
We will be hosting 3 workshops from a set of some of the most diverse and knowledgable athletes & coaches in parkour.

Each workshop is being held from 12:00-1:30pm.
Each workshop is $30, or you can buy a bundle of all three for $75.


March 30
Tom Coppola - Dynamic Climbing for Parkour

This workshop will focus on the elements of developing sound climb ups and powerful dynos. We will start with identifying 'optimal positioning' and gradually introduce variability to make these climbing skills impervious to challenge.


March 31

Nate Weston - Consistency & Confidence

This will be a workshop that will cover a wide range of movement and techniques including bar work, mentality, and consistency in flips. Nate's will share insights mastery of consistent performance of skills.


April 1

Max Henry - Lifelong Training

Building strong training habits is vital for parkour practitioners looking to improve. In this clinic, Max will cover power, endurance, coordination, and confidence drills designed to help athletes of all levels develop more effective long-term training habits. These drills will cover a variety of movements and exercises, including basic parkour, track & field, and ball drills, so participants should be prepared for a fun, tiring training experience!